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Our company’s philosophy and approach has been to conduct business in a responsible and professional manner. DP Dyers has operated in an economic and sustainable way long before such values became fashionable – water conservation, pollution control and sensible energy use has always been seen by us as good business practice – an approach that is now viewed as essential strategies for reducing environmental impact.

We are proud of our track record of environmentally friendly business practices and operate a policy of continual improvement and development.


We have already removed sodium dichromate from our dyeing processes before legislation demands it as it is harmful. Additional benefits of this are:

  • Reduced water usage – black dye using Sodium Dichromate uses more water during processing
  • Softer fabric handle – Sodium Dichromate produces fabric with a harsher handle than Reactive Black or Premetalized Black


  • We are able to piece dye fabric that complies with Oeko-tex and EU flower standards
  • Energy saving techniques including low temperature dyeing and heat recovery
  • We have an advanced water recycling system

For further details please see full WTJohnson Environmental Policy